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A 'culture of safety' describes the core values and behaviors that come about when there is a collective and continuous commitment by organizational leadership, managers and workers to emphasize safety over competing goals.

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This commitment is not only instilled during the employee on-boarding process but is reinforced in daily preservation operations.

Every employee has the right and responsibility to stop work in any situation where the safety of themselves or others is threatened.

At AMP United, our culture of safety is not simply required by our audited operating procedures, daily operating routines, and enforced by continuous work site is a moral and ethical obligation.

~ Furthering this commitment, AMP United has created a Safety Performance Incentive Program ~

Our Safety Performance Incentive Program is part of our Safety Action Plan. The idea is to encourage and involve employees on the identification and elimination of existing hazards, potential hazards, and unsafe practices. During the continuous safety surveillance process, our safety technicians include on their report the names of those crew members and supervisors that are going above and beyond to ensure the safety of their team.


At the end of the week, during our safety staff meeting, we review all surveillance reports. A decision is made then and those employees that have shown consistency in their safety efforts receive an award. This award is presented during our weekly safety meeting.


Let's take a moment to congratulate the outstanding efforts of two AMP United employees in regards to maintaining safety compliance on the job! 

Brian Ouellette and Paola Santiago are the first award recipients in our new safety reward program. Thank you both for your hard work and positive attitude. We appreciate you and the example you set for others.

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Congratulations to Brian Ouellette and Paola Santiago! Thank you for your exemplary efforts maintaining safe work practices! Keep up the good work! 

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