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Unseen Heroes.
Preserving Ships. Protecting our Protectors.

Trusted For 25 Years

We possess the qualifications, certifications, personnel, and experience to accomplish any scale preservation project as well as associated scaffolding and containment requirements.


Our commitment is to honor the individual strengths of all employees, challenge them, and motivate them to reach their full potential. At AMP United, we believe we're the best in the business and we train our workforce to match that distinction.

Our Services

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Abrasive Blasting
Industrial and Marine Coatings

Regardless of the surface preparation method or professional certifications required for your project, AMP United is qualified and ready to get the job done safely!


We can construct Marine scaffolding maintaining highest standard of service. Before working on any scaffold, we ensure that scaffolds are: Safely secured, level, provided with safe access adequately decked, and provided with guard rails.

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Structural Services

Contrary to conventional design methods, our simulation-driven design approach enables us to consider individual hull forms and operational profiles. We have a lot of experience in assessing the structural integrity of ships with first principle methods.

Submarine Preservation Services

Submarine Preservation Services include exterior hull, ballast tanks, and bilges. AMP United can accomplish removal and installation of lead ballast and other critical submarine services.

High Pressure Water Jetting

With our state-of-the-art equipment, AMP United can not only reduce project cycle times and waste but also remove existing coatings without disturbing the existing surface profile.

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AMP United stays ahead of the competition by utilizing the latest cutting-edge industry innovations... 

300+ Employees

Multiple Locations

95% Referral Rate


"I have personally been involved in several past contracts with AMP United and have always experienced top quality customer service across the board."



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UHP Water Blasting

UHP water blasting is a surface preparation technique that uses ultra-high-pressure water to remove various coatings, contamination and corrosion. 

 Abrasive Blasting

We use pressurized air or water to propel abrasive media against a surface to remove coating, corrosion, or contamination.

Vapor Blasting

Vapor Blasting is a process for removing contaminants from a surface, or finishing a surface using pressurized water and abrasive blast media.

Painter Certification

Education is a key component to our craft. We work with contractors whose quality of work we can recommend with confidence!

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